Dave has performed his unique brand of mindreading at parties and events for over a decade. The trouble was– he tried to keep it a secret. The worlds of Writer Dave and Mind Reading Dave could never meet, lest one destroyed the other.

It might not have been the best idea ever but it is what gave birth to The Writer’s Guide to Reading Minds

WGRM is a fun and interactive show that runs anywhere between a half hour and ninety minutes.

In that time Dave sets out important rules for would-be writers and mindreaders and backs them up with mind-blowing examples.

Like what?

“Mind reading, like writing, is an act of the imagination. Sometimes it’s putting yourself in other people’s shoes– sometimes it’s stuffing them into yours.”

Dave Moses, “A Writer’s Guide to Reading Minds”

Whether it’s creative blocks, the intimidation of a blank page, the power of an image, or the need of a deadline– Dave plays with the audience, like the writer plays with the reader. There are word games, larger-than-life characters, suspense, surprise, lies, truths and unreliable narrators.

Plus imagine a big old pic of Dave onstage here and in the background– plenty ‘o wrapt expressions.

If you want to be notified when the show will be performed near you drop a line here. Or if you want to book Dave for an event of your own, contact him here! Yup, same place.